“I can’t wait for this day to be over with.”

I’ve heard these words from individuals that chose not to hire an event planner. It crushes me that they so badly wanted their event to end due to the stress and anxiety the planning process had caused them. As an event planner, it is my job to make your day the BEST day of your life. Below, I’ve explained the top 5 reasons you should hire an event planner.

1. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS – It’s that simple: Event Planning is our PASSION. We plan weddings time and time again – learning from past events and adjusting future ones. We know what vendors you should hire, we understand timelines and how to execute your day-of, we’re experienced in budgeting, thrive off creating a perfectly executed event and handle the thousands of minute details that can go unplanned for without a professional.

Think about this: When you begin to create a financial strategy for your future, you hire an advisor. When your check engine light comes on, you take your car to a repair shop. When you have to plan for your college education or future career, you consult experienced mentors. In all of these important life situations, you seek expert guidance. Why would you not do the same for one of the most important days of your life?

2. WE HAVE VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS – So many steps go into finding the best vendors for your event, let alone finding vendors at the best price and within your budget. Researching and making calls, reviewing contracts and testimonials, and comparing prices to name a few. Event planners work with tons of vendors every week, all across the regions we service. Not only do we save you TIME by handling the vendor relationships for you, but we also can save you MONEY. Vendors in the service industry need referrals and that sometimes means discounts to get new clients.

3. WE ARE RISK MITIGATORS – You deserve to relax the day of the event, soak in all the happiness and fun, and enjoy every minute of it. The last thing you should be doing is answering 1,000 questions, making last minute decisions, and making sure your vendors execute your vision like you dreamed. That’s what you hire someone else to do for you. An event planner is experienced in day-of coordinating and managing every single detail that makes your event extraordinary.

4. WE ARE YOUR NEUTRAL PARTY – As soon as you start planning any event, the ideas start coming in from all angles. Moms, aunts, friends, co-workers, strangers…everyone wants to give you advice, share their ideas, and make suggestions. Of course, it comes from a good place and is truly appreciated, but it’s not always advice that supports the vision for your event. It can be overwhelming and stressful to politely decline their suggestions. So – that’s what event planners are for – to keep your best interests in mind and make the tough choices for you. After all, we really don’t mind if Aunt Cathy is upset that we didn’t use her daughter’s friend’s sister to bake the desserts like she suggested. We are truly invested in executing the event that you’ve always dreamed of, not what everyone has dreamed for you.

5. WE ARE ORGANIZED AND DETAILED DRIVEN – Not that you aren’t… We just know the amount of detail that goes into planning any event, the 10+ vendors that you communicate with weekly, and the thousands of decisions to make and keep track of. That takes a LOT of organizing, a LOT of focus, and a LOT of time and attention that most can’t find in this crazy busy life we’re all trying to manage.

I am very passionate about event planning – creating, organizing, and executing flawless events. I truly care about the clients that I get to work with day in and day out and am eager to bring your event vision to life. If you’re ready to hire a planner, I cannot wait to meet you. It will be one of the best investments you decide to make. Call Sgaggero Event Planning today!

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