Small Business Roundtable

Initial Kick-Off

Our initial kick-off discussion will run approximately 90 minutes. We hope that those not currently engaged with the Chamber will join us, along with current members, to experience the type of value the Chamber brings to the community. We are providing the space and the coffee and look forward to meeting some new faces while we unpack the unique challenges and successes that drive our local small business economy.

When: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – 10am

Where: Chamber of Commerce – 24 Frederick Street

Who: Any small business with 25 or fewer employees

How: Register here

The Allegany County Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce a transformative initiative – the Small Business Roundtable, designed to cultivate collaboration, foster networking, and share invaluable insights among local entrepreneurs.

Our agenda is not meant to restrict conversation, but to serve as a guide to open and meaningful conversation as the Chamber listens to the challenges, successes, and solutions you have found as a small business owner and entrepreneur in Allegany County.

Roundtable Agenda:

1. Welcome and Introductions (15 minutes):

  • Attendees will be warmly greeted, setting the tone for a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their businesses, and share their roles within the community.

2. Identifying Common Challenges (30 minutes):

  • Participants will openly share their experiences, shedding light on the common challenges faced by small businesses in our unique community.
  • The goal is to create a platform for shared understanding and mutual support.

3. Sharing Success Stories (20 minutes):

  • Those interested will share their success stories and effective strategies in navigating business ownership in Allegany County.
  • Positive examples will serve as inspiration, fostering a sense of possibility and motivation among attendees.

4. Brainstorming Solutions (30 minutes):

  • The heart of the meeting will be a collaborative brainstorming session where participants will collectively generate innovative ideas and potential solutions to address the identified challenges.
  • Open communication and collaboration will be encouraged to harness the collective wisdom of the community.

5. Roundtable Goals and Future Meetings (15 minutes):

  • A discussion on the overarching goals of the roundtable and a gathering of input on participants’ aspirations for future meetings.
  • Setting a schedule for upcoming roundtable meetings to ensure continuity and sustained collaboration.
  • Discuss what other elements the group would like to introduce.

The Small Business Roundtable is not merely a meeting but a catalyst for positive change within our community. By coming together, sharing experiences, and envisioning solutions, we aim to fortify our local businesses, ensuring they not only survive, but thrive. We invite all members and non-members to join us in this exciting journey of collaboration and growth. Together, we can propel our community to new heights of success and prosperity.

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